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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Alien Hamsa pre-print template: suggestions wanted


So I'm thinking the first run of Hamsa shirts might look very close to this with the CRB logo on the back towards the neckline of the shirt. Thoughts? I'll also be creating women's sizes this time around so please give suggestions for the color of the women's shirts. :)

I like the mandarin orange color of this shirt for men, but am very open to other suggestions.

Here's the other shirt color option I was toying with for the men's sizes...

And the men's in royal blue...
And in purple...

And in navy blue JOSHUA! Hehehe...


Here's an idea for the women's...

Thanks for any advice!

Jonathon Blake/04.23.11/CRB Productions


  1. Cranberry red? How about posting the CRB logo on the left chest (nametag level)? Perhaps make it an option to have the design on the front or back of the shirt?

  2. I like navy blue and the orange the best, i think the design stands out best there

  3. Someone else suggested maybe I put the CRB logo center chest front and the hand design on the back...I could always release limited edition versions of the shirt...

  4. Purple does the artwork the most justice I think. Incredible.